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Earn Rental Income on the Costa del Sol

Letting in Spain & How to make money off your property, Costa del Sol

Owning a holiday home on the Costa del Sol, especially in 2019 provides an excellent opportunity. You may not know it now, but your holiday property in Spain can provide a substantial income if approached the right way. This means, your property investments potential ROI can be more than you thought, as long as you have the right team promoting and marketing your property for rent in Spain.

Rental income not only covers the basic running costs like mortgage payments, community costs, and gardening costs just to name a few; but letting during peak seasons on the Costa del Sol, can more than recoup your running costs and mortgage combined. Again, depending on how you approach letting out your property in Spain, and provided you have the right platform to promote or market, will increase your chances.

The Letting Season on the Costa del Sol

When it comes to most vacation hot spots around the world, it can be difficult to provide holiday accommodations, and earn a decent amount of money. However, on the Costa del Sol, things work a bit differently here. The reason for this is simple - plenty of sunshine. In fact, your pretty much guaranteed over 300 days a year of sunshine.

This type of weather, which Marbella is lucky enough to have, comes from what's called a Micro-climate. Thanks to the mountainous range that surrounds the Costa del Sol or La Concha more notably, the heat simply stays in; therefore, we enjoy temperatures ranging anywhere from 10 degrees C, to 25 degrees during mid-day when the sun is high in the sky.

The Costa del Sol is popular for its miles upon miles of blue flag beaches, and even better, it's incredibly popular for golfing. All year-round people flock to the Costa del Sol, to play on luxury golf courses like La Quinta in Marbella. This is where your Costa del Sol property can really shine. With the right team promoting your holiday home in Marbella, Costa del Sol, you can earn a potential income all year long.

The real letting season varies with the regions of course. For example, 12 to 16 weeks on the Costa Brava, 20 to 24 weeks in the Balearics, 24 to 30 weeks on the Costa del Sol, and year-round on the Canary Islands. The realty is with your holiday apartment, penthouse or villa things can differ. Just to make sure things are clear, we can provide you with stats based on our yearly management clients.

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Rental Income on the Costa del Sol - Stats

Apartments on the Costa del Sol, and penthouses tend to have year-round renting potential. However, villas large and small are rented out more during festival seasons. For example, Easter here on the Costa del Sol is usually booked solid for villa rentals. People book years in advance and usually come for Easter in Malaga with the entire family. So, it's only common a villa will be rented when families or large groups are involved. Christmas is also a popular period for villa rentals. However, if you can open up the market, and promote your holiday villa to the right audience, then the potential for villa rental income greatly increases.

For example, we can promote and market your holiday villa to those planning a hen party, or a lads weekend etc., we can also promote and market to large families looking to vacation together on the Costa del Sol. We use online marketing tools, which includes search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and online advertising to ensure your property is seen by a much wider audience. If you own an apartment or penthouse however, things are even better, and you are more likely to attain full letting throughout each season.

At the end of the day, if you want to earn rental income that covers the basic costs and provides you with a bit of pocket change so to speak, you need the right estate agency on the Costa del Sol behind you. Mibro International Properties is one such estate agency that can provide the marketing and advertising you need. If you wish to talk or get more information about our rental & management services, which includes promoting your rental accommodations on the Costa del Sol, please contact us, and remember, you are under no obligation to sign on with us.