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If there is one constant amongst Spanish real estate agents it’s the fact that Marbella luxury property never goes out of fashion and due to the paucity of prime plots of land in Marbella the more attractive Marbella real estate becomes. It is mainly foreign property investors who make up the majority of buyers. Marbella is well known as the playground of the rich and famous, Puerto Banus continue to attract the well-heeled and party people, yet there are parts of Marbella which are shrouded in mystery and known only to a select few – namely the millionaire enclave of La Zagaleta in Benahavis.

Luxury properties in areas like La Zagaleta have consistently retained their high sales prices - Spanish News Today recently reported that towns such as Benahavis saw higher sales figures in 2015 than any other time pre-crisis. Demand for Marbella property  has been boosted by low interest rates and extremely favourable exchange rates.

What’s so special about La Zagaleta
La Zagaleta is described as ‘one of Europe’s finest residential and golfing estates’ but this would be seriously underselling its appeal. The luxury villas and mansions in La Zagaleta are out of this world. Located within a Nature Reserve, each property is unique and comes within its own private estate, many with private helipads and they are protected by a private security force. It is impossible to gain entry without a prior appointment. Residents have exclusive access to 2 private golf courses; La Zagaleta and Los Barrancos, a spectacular Clubhouse measuring 5,100m² with an indoor swimming pool, billiards and bowling alley and tennis courts. There is also ‘The Riding Club’ equestrian centre staffed by a private riding teacher and stocked with Arab, Spanish and Farabella horses and Welsh ponies.

Guaranteed secrecy and security
Unlike celebrities who actively seek attention, the secrecy surrounding La Zagaleta makes it the ideal location for celebrities who wish to stay out of the limelight, allowing them to enjoy their surroundings away from prying eyes and without interruption. This level of luxury comes at a price, making the extravagant villas in La Zagaleta some of the most luxurious, expensive and coveted real estate in the world, on a par with Monaco and the celebrity hot spots in California.  Of course, La Zagaleta represents the pinnacle of the Marbella property market, investors can still snap up a more modest property bargain before the Spanish property market recovers completely.

Who's who in La Zagaleta?
No one really knows who lives in these incredible La Zagaleta villas, adding to the appeal and increasing speculation. The rumour mill suggests that international celebrities, politicians and royalty have all been residents. UK socialites such as ‘the Goldsmith’s’ and actor Hugh Grant are said to own property in the area and recently Russia’s Vladimir Putin was rumoured to be in residence visiting the former Mayor of Moscow…but we will never know and guessing is part of the fun for those who aren’t in the know.

If you would like to buy property in Marbella or Benahavis take a look at our extensive range of apartments, townhouses and villas on the Costa del Sol. Contact Zoe Dyer at [email protected] for details of the luxury villas at La Zagaleta which are currently for sale.