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Reasons to maintain your Property

Being a property owner, whether you live in the property or rent it out to tenants can be tough at times and very time consuming.  There is a high possibility that between caring for your tenants needs or family needs that you are letting the maintenance side of things slip.

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Property maintenance may seem boring or not a priority at the time but ignoring it can have serious consequences later on.

Not “nipping it in the bud” early on can not only prove costly later but actually can put lives in danger.

Prospective tenants and buyer will automatically have more confidence in the owner is the house is kept in excellent decision.

Here are some reasons why it is important to maintain your property:

Prevention is the key

Simple routine maintenance can make life a lot easier than having an emergency that could have been avoided.  Periodic checks are economical, that way the leaky pipe for example can be spotted before a major water leak, a dislodged roof tile can be fixed before water seeps into the ceiling etc.

Add value to your property

If you have been thinking about how to add value to your property then the best way is to maintain it and keep it in perfect condition.  Your well looked after property will attract new tenants/buyers quicker than a run-down property.

Good for the Environment

A run-down poorly looked after property is not only unattractive but hazardous to the environment.

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Keeping a property clear of dust, rubbish, fungus and other harmful things are simple tasks an owner can take care of.  Basic cleaning is essential but also damp proofing a property correctly, fresh paint, correct ventilation etc.


Maintaining your property will not only mean less problems and less stress but also less expensive repairs, therefore you will be able to manage your finances easier.  Put aside some money each month for an emergency fund and your maintenance cost will be covered.

MIBRO´s solution

Now that you see the reasons to maintain your property you have two options;

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE (This is an ideal option for owners that live abroad or don´t want the daily hassle)

The Property

    1. Mibro provide a property management service to owners of homes. This service aims to ensure that the properties are cleaned and maintained to a high standard.  In addition furniture and appliances are checked for safety and reliability.

Property Inspections.

    1. When un-tenanted, twice-monthly inspections of the property will be carried out. The inspection will check for water leaks or power failure and its aim is to ensure heating, air conditioning, & other facilities are functioning properly, along with general up keep of the property flushing toilets and running water.
    2. Tenanted properties will be checked at the beginning and end of each rental and at the owner’s request.

Repairs & Maintenance.

    1. Mibro to attend to the day-to-day minor repairs and maintenance of the property and its contents as they occur. Any maintenance or repairs necessary will be carried out promptly to avoid further damage. Repairs over 200€ will require owners approval.  However in the event of being unable to contact the owner, emergency repairs will be carried out at the discretion of Mibro to avoid the problems escalating.
    2. Major repairs or maintenance will require estimates for consideration by the owner. Approval will therefore be required before commencement of the work.  Emergencies requiring immediate attention may proceed without specific authority or agreement.  In doing so, at all times, we will act in the owner’s best interest.

Inventory Services.

    1. A new inventory will be prepared, checked and updated on any change of long term tenancy. This service is free of charge for up to three occasions in one contract year.
    2. For short term/holiday rentals an inventory will be prepared at outset and will be checked and updated on an annual basis.

Utility Services.

    1. All utilities, Gas, Electricity and TV etc. are the responsibility of the Owner. If the property is long term tenanted and if requested by the owner, Mibro will advise the utility companies on the details of the change of tenancy.


    1. Any purchases made on behalf of the owner will be subject to the additional hourly service charges unless agreed otherwise.

Contingency Deposit.

    1. The owner is required to make a contingency deposit payment of 250€ prior to the commencement of this agreement. This payment may be subject to variation dependent on the size of the property and the expected size of any bills.  The contingency deposit will be retained during the term of the contract in order to meet necessary expenditure necessary on the property.

Disconnected Utilities.

    1. Should the property be disconnected of utility services for any reason we will liaise with the Utility companies to establish reconnection or to solve other problems.
    2. There will be a 50€ administrative fee charged to arrange any reconnection

Rent Collection for long term rentals.

    1. When the property is tenanted & monthly rental payments are due, these will be transferred to the Owner’s bank account within 10 working days after receipt from the tenant.
    2. Rent will be collected in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement. For persistently late or non-payment of rent, Mibro will endeavour to notify the owner at the earliest possible opportunity.  We will advise on the legal steps necessary to recover rent and/or the repossession of the property.


Cessation of Long Term Tenancy

    1. At the end of a long term tenancy period, Mibro will prepare an inventory checkout together with a report. The report will advise on possible deductions to be made from the deposit.
    2. Upon the termination of the a long term tenancy, Mibro will notify the service companies requesting transfer of the responsibilities for payment of that service to the owner.

Short Term/Holiday Rentals

    1. Mibro will arrange all cleaning and laundry turnarounds for holiday bookings.
    2. Included in the standard service are two client meet and greets per month within office hours (these cannot be accumulated). If additional are required these are charged at 25€ per meet and greet.  If late check-ins are required, these are charged at the rates detailed below.
    3. We guarantee to undertake any repairs or maintenance work as quickly as possible whilst holiday clients are in properties to ensure they experience minimum disturbance.

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